Train For The Worst

Hope For The Best.

Meet Our Team

Mike Kneuer – NRA Pistol Instructor

Mike has been carrying a firearm concealed for 20+ years and is an avid shooter and firearm enthusiast. For the majority of his adult life Mike has been and still is a high level fitness coach. He enjoys helping others and sharing his knowledge on subjects he is passionate about.

Two years ago Mike bought some land in Okeechobee, FL and built arguably the best private outdoor training camp in South Florida. He is an NRA Pistol Instructor and teaches defensive handgun, concealed weapons, and basic firearm safety courses at his range in Okeechobee and an indoor range in Lake Worth, FL. 

He is a firearm safety advocate and believes more responsibly armed citizens would make the world a safer place. Mike loves teaching new shooters the fundamentals of safety and marksmenship. 

Greg Massari aka Colonel Chow

Greg, aka, Colonel Chow, is a vital part of the Suburban Protector team. Greg is Mike’s second set of eyes and ears on the range and the official Suburban Protector Range Safety Officer.

Greg has been carrying a concealed weapon for many years and enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping people learn to defend themselves. 

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